How to Change Netflix Region Without Vpn – A Simple Guide

How to change netflix region without vpn

If you want to change your Netflix region to watch restricted content that’s not available in your country but you don’t want to use a VPN, you could try using a proxy service. However, it’s worth remembering that a proxy does not encrypt your data, so it’s nowhere near as secure.

How can I change Netflix region or country?

Some movies and TV shows are kept exclusive to particular countries. So, when youre connecting, if your IP doesnt match, you cannot access the content even though its in their cloud. Yet, with a VPN, you can watch them all by jumping server-to-server. Here are the ones that you shouldnt miss, which are available only in the select countries.

USA: Universal Soldier: The Return, Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut, The Yeti Adventures, My Fair Lady, etc.

Canada: The Upside, Alita: Battle Angel, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Unhinged, John Lewis: Good Trouble, etc.

UK: Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life, The Sound of Silence, Capone, Saint France, etc.

Greece: Dr. Strangelove, Flashdance, Area 51, The Avengers, Malibus Most Wanted

Japan: CODE BLUE the Movie, Kekkaishi, Shinjuku Swan, Syoga Drama Nobunaga Oda, etc.

Do free VPNs work with Netflix?

A free VPN is not a good choice for watching any type of online video content for a number of reasons:

While it is technically possible to find a free VPN for the job, here are some paid VPNs that will definitely unblock Netflix.

How do I Change my Region on Netflix? [Easy Steps]

Follow the easy steps below to change your Netflix region:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN provider like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install its app for your device.
  3. Log in to the app and connect to your desired region’s server.
  4. Open Netflix, and you will have access to the library of your selected region.

Why Would I Want to Change Netflix Region?

You may need to change your Netflix region as Netflix has a separate library for every region. Many content titles are limited to specific regions. To access the geo-restricted content tiles, changing the Netflix region is the only option.

For example, content titles like Batman: The Killing Joke, Criminal Minds, Dexter, The Twilight Zone are available on US Netflix only. For example, if you are using Netflix in the UK or you are traveling and using Netflix in Canada, you will not be able to access any of these movies or TV shows. To watch these shows you will have to bypass the geo-restrictions and for that, you will have to change the Netflix region.

Can I watch Netflix abroad?

Yes, this method will allow you to watch Netflix anywhere abroad and is popular with people who travel frequently. For example, Americans visiting the UK will be able to securely stream US Netflix, and British travelers in the US can watch Netflix UK.

How to Unblock Netflix without VPN

IS it possible? How can you hide your location without using something like this? Well first of all lets rule something out and that’s proxies. They haven’t worked with any major media site for some time now. So although you can still find them online for nothing for bypassing region locks they’re not much use. For something like Netflix the choice however is even more restricted as they have been spending considerable resources to block people trying to bypass their filters and restrictions. At this point in the Summer of 2020 the vast majority of the VPN services don’t even work with Netflix.

I constantly check solutions and currently there’s only one service which has functioned reliably as a Netflix region changer and then only to switch to the US version.

Here’s the only current solution I could find and you can see it demonstrated briefly in the following video. For those who don’t need the security of a VPN or have a device which won’t support one then Smart DNS is definitely the service you need. In some senses it works a little like a VPN by redirecting part of the connection through a third party server in the correct country. However it’s only part of the connection that is routed (just enough to hide your location) the rest takes place directly between the web server and the client device.

Now obviously you lose the protection of the encryption as Smart DNS provides virtually no security. However it also means that there’s little speed drop as most of the connection takes place as normal. Also it’s much easier to set up and requires no specific software component at all. All you need to do is to change your standard DNS servers for a Smart DNS one and the system will work as long as you have a subscription. The Special DNS server sits waiting for any connection to a geo-restricted web site before routing through the appropriate country. In all other instances it will function as a normal DNS server, resolving names and IP addresses as required.

So if you don’t need any security, and just want to watch things like the BBC, ITV, Hulu and Netflix then try Smart DNS out. There’s quite a few out there, but only one that currently can unblock US Netflix successfully and that’s below. What’s more you don’t have to pay a penny to try it out as they have a free trial if you go through the link below.

Please remember though that this software allows you to access Netflix in different countries but only to the US version. It’s not a complete Netflix upgrade, only For most this is probably fine as it has by far the biggest catalogue, but there’s currently no way to switch to other regions as far as I’m aware.

Update – Smart DNS Proxy now includes a VPN client which you can also try completely free of charge. However because of various updates, no VPN currently works with Netflix – indeed to access a Netflix US account you should stick with the DNS solution.